Research Department for Families and Social Relations

Researchers in this department carry out cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative investigations in changing family relations and social ties. Their research fields also include welfare policies, gender equality and discrimination, as well as identities and memories. 

At the Research Department for Families, Social Relations and Policies, internationally recognised research is carried out in a field with a long tradition in Hungary, complemented by research outcomes of socio-political relevance.

Haed of department: Szikra, Dorottya

Research fellows of the department: 

Acsády, Judit

Albert, Fruzsina

Dávid, Beáta

Fejős, Anna

Kapitány, Ágnes

P. Tóth, Tamás

Paksi, Veronika

Takács, Judit

Tardos, Katalin

Tóth, Olga

Zombory, Máté