Bernadett Csurgó

Bernadett Csurgó
Download CV Senior Research Fellow (TK SZI)
Research Interests

social history of 20th century, rural sociology, rural-urban relationships, rural tourism, cultural heritage, rural women, development policy, elite studies

Selected Publications

Csizmady Adrienne, Bernadett Csurgó, Szabina Kerényi, András Balázs, Veronika Kocsis (2021): Young Farmers’ Perceptions of Sustainability in a Wine Region in Hungary. Land, 10(8):815.

Csurgó Bernadett, Melanie.K. Smith (2021): The value of cultural ecosystem services in a rural landscape context. Journal of Rural Studies, Vol 86. 76-86. 

Megyesi Gergely Boldizsár, Csurgó Bernadett, Kovách Imre (2019): After a long march: the results of two decades of rural restructuring in Hungary. Eastern European Countryside, 24(1).

Csurgó Bernadett, Kristóf Luca (2018) Narrative Identities and the Egalitarian Norm Among Hungarian Elite Couples. Journal of Family Issues, 39(7) 2107-2130.

Bernadett, Csurgó ; Imre, Kovách ; Boldizsár, Megyesi (2018): After a Long March: the Results of Two Decadesof Rural Restructuring in Hungary. Eastern European Countryside 24(1)81-109. 

Franklin, Alex; Kovách, Imre , Csurgó, Bernadett (2017) Governing Social Innovation: Exploring the Role of ‘Discretionary Practice’ in the Negotiation of Shared Spaces of Community Food Growing SOCIOLOGIA RURALIS 57 (4) 439–458

Csurgó, Bernadett; Megyesi, Boldizsár (2016) The Role of Small Towns in Local Place Making EUROPEAN COUNTRYSIDE 8:(4) pp. 427-443.

Csurgó, B. – I. Kovách – N. Mathieu (2015) The LEADER Programme in Hungary - Bottom-up Development with Top-down Control? In: Leo Granberg, Kjell Andersson, Imre Kovách (szerk.) Evaulating the European Approach to Rural Development: Grass-roots Experiences of the LEADER Programme. Surrey: Ashgate, pp. 53-77.

Csurgó, B – I. Kovách - E Kucerova (2008): Knowledge, Power and Sustainability in Contemporary Rural Europe SOCIOLOGIA RURALIS 48: pp. 292-312.

Csurgó, B (2004) Urban Pressure - A recent Phenomenon: The Valley of Arts EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRYSIDE 2004: (10) p. 155. 11 p. 

Research Projects

H2020 COURAGE Cultural Opposition – Understanding the Cultural Heritage of Dissent in the Former Socialist Countries

OTKA Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Rural Development

OTKA Living from their Land: Agricultural Actors, Rural Development Trajectories

Lagging behind or LEADER in local democracy? Finnish Hungarian Comparative research on LEADER type development in three Hungarian and three Finnish micro regions

EU FP7 GILDED Governance, Infrastructure, Lifestyle Dynamics and Energy Demand: European Post-Carbon Communities

EU FP6 CORASON A Cognitive Approach to Rural Sustainable Development

EU FP5 RURBAN Building New Relationships in Rural Areas under Urban Pressure