Melinda Harlov-Csortán

Melinda Harlov-Csortán
Download CV Junior Research Fellow (MTA TK SZI)
Research Interests

cultural heritage management, memory studies, public space/sphere research, cultural and social history of the 20th century, identity and representation

Selected Publications

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda (2018) Interdiszciplinaritás kiállításba csomagolva. Régi-Új Magyar Építőművészet. Vol. 6 (2018). (ISSN 1785-282X) p. 85-87.

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda (2018) Heritage and the City. Special issue (2018). (ISSN 2063-0468) p. 118-121.

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda (2018) Heritagizing the countryside. ACTA UNIVERSITATIS SAPIENTIAE EUROPEAN AND REGIONAL STUDIES. Vol. 13 (2018). (ISSN 2066-639X) p. 19-35.

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda (2017) What is the role of the fallen soldier at contemporary commemorations? Betrayal of memory with memorials in Hungary during the 20th century. Traitors, collaborators and deserters in contemporary European politics of memory: Formulas of betrayal. London: Palgrave Macmillian. (ISBN 978-3-319-66496-5) p. 337-360.

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda (2017) The transformation story of the Hungarian death zone. Borderland of the Iron Curtain to European and World Cultural Heritage Nomination. Folklore.  Vol. 70. (2017/04 ISSN 1406-0949) p. 193-224.

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda (2016) Műemlékvédelem, kapocs a világgal. Múltunk. 2016/4. (ISSN 0864-96OX) p. 113-135.

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda (2016) Shift of importance from built heritage to the locals. Story of the first Hungarian World Heritage Site. Furnace. University of Birmingham. Issue 5: World Heritage and Local Communities (ISSN 2057-519X) p. 42-54.

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda (2016 ) A Square that Has Seen it All: The History of the Nowadays ’56-ers Square in Budapest. History of Communism in Europe. Vol. 6. Bucharest: ZETA Books. (ISSN: 2069-3192) p. 181-208.

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda (2015) Understanding Cultural Policy via Text Comparison: Analysis of the U.S. National

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda: Historic Preservation Act of 1966 in Connection with the Venice Charter of 1964. The Fellows Review 2014-2015. Washington: Center for the Study of Presidency and Congress. p. 165-181.

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda (2015) Az európai zsidó városrészek mint hidak. Sic Itur ad Astra. Történeti Folyóirat. No. 64.  (ISSN 0238-4779) p. 228-231.

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda (2014) Rendszerváltásról fiatalosan. Szépirodalmi Figyelő. 2014/5. (ISSN 1585-3829) p. 86-91.

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda (2014) Remember, but for what?! Critical Analysis of Hungarian Public Art Representation of WWI. CASCA: Journal of Social Sciences, Culture and Arts. Year 3. Issue 1.  (ISSN: 2334-6973) p. 195-209.

Research Projects

The role of cultural heritage in the cohesion and multidimensionality of local communities as well as in the sustainable development of the rural areas

Mobility and immobility in the Hungarian society

The effect of UNESCO WH nomination on the representational power of the site via two Hungarian case
studies: Hollókő and Fertő/Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape