Róza Vajda

Róza Vajda
Download CV Junior Research Fellow (MTA TK SZI)
Research Interests

Social inequalities, social exclusion
Discrimination, anti-discrimination and equal opportunities policies
Representation of minorities, stereotypes
Gender and ethnicity

Selected Publications

Mária Neményi – Róza Vajda (2014) Intricacies of Ethnicity: A Comparative Study of Minority Identity Formation during Adolescence. In Júlia Szalai – Claire Schiff (eds.) Migrant, Roma and Post-Colonial Youth in Education across Europe. Being ‘Visibly Different'. UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, 103–119.

Róza Vajda (2012) 'Making a sow's ear from a silk purse': Gender democracy in Hungary. In Yvonne Galligan (ed.) Deliberative Processes and Gender Democracy: Case Studies from Europe. Oslo: Arena, 115–162.

Beszámoló a Módszeresen című rendezvénysorozatról: Elmélet és empíria. Várható megjelenés: Szociológiai Szemle 2017/2.

’Out of the frying pan, into the fire: Hungarian parental leave policies from a gender equality perspective’ in: David G. Mayes and Mark Thomson eds. The Costs of Children: Parenting and Democracy in Contemporary Europe. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2012 http://www.e-elgar.com/bookentry_main.lasso?id=14795

 ’Comparative Report on Ethnic Relations’ EDUMIGROM background study. Co-authors: Ian Law, Michael Nekorjak and Ondrej Daniel, Budapest: Center for Policy Studies, Central European University, 2009 http://www.sociology.leeds.ac.uk/assets/files/research/cers/Working%20paper%204.pdf

’Country Report on Ethnic Relations: Hungary’ EDUMIGROM background study. Co-author: Csaba Dupcsik, Budapest: Center for Policy Studies, Central European University, 2008 (www.edumigrom.eu, http://ec.europa.eu/ewsi/UDRW/images/items/docl_10026_741142203.pdf)

 Integráció önkéntes alapon: Önkéntesség mint menekültügyi integrációs eszköz /Voluntary Integration: Voluntary Work as an Instrument of the Integration of Refugees/. Methodological manual co-authored by experts of the Equal Program 'Opportunity: Labor Market Orientation for Asylum Seekers”. Menedék – Hungarian Association for Migrants, 2008

 ’A tetten ért tudomány’ /Science caught in action/. Co-author: Anna Kende, In: Anna Kende – Róza Vajda eds. Rasszizmus a tudományban /Racism in science/. Budapest: Napvilág, 2008

’Egy nemzetközi sztereotípia-kutatás bemutatása’ /Presentation of an international research on stereotypes/ In: Antónia Nemes ed. Nem-állapot: sztereotípiák a munka világából /The state of gender: stereotypes in the labor market/. Budapest: Jól-Lét Alapítvány, 2006

’Integráció vagy etnopolitika? Stílusok és irányzatok a magyarországi roma politikában’ /Integration or ethnopolitics? Styles and trends in contemporary Roma politics/ In: Mária Neményi and Júlia Szalai eds. Kisebbségek kisebbsége. A magyarországi romák politikai és emberi jogai /Minority of minorities. The political and human rights of Roma in Hungary/. Budapest: Új Mandátum, 2005

Research Projects

At the Institute for Sociology, CSS HAS:

(Dis)continuities Hungarian Sociology Between 1960 and 2010. OTKA K 115644, 2016-2019, Project leader: Éva Kovács

Development of research methodology, preparation of international comparative study (Attending the educational needs of Roma children) and development of course material for teachers’ training for TERNO project (Teachers Education for Roma New Opportunities in School), realized within the framework of the European Commission’s Life Long Learning Program, 2012-2014.

Studies on ethnic relations in Hungary and in Europe for the international FP7 project EDUMIGROM (Ethnic Differences in Education and Diverging Prospects for Urban Youth in an Enlarged Europe), 2008-2009.

Research assistance (interviews) on the division of labor in the family and family-friendly workplace for the international FP6 project RECWOWE (Reconciling Work and Welfare), 2008.

Interview research and study on the ideological background of Roma politics in Hungary (Integration or ethnopolitics?) for a joint research project of the Sociological Institute of HAS and the Hungarian Roma Parliament, 2002-2004.

Independently from HAS:

Study on the labor market situation of women, commissioned by the Hungarian Women’s Lobby, 2013.

Reports on Hungary for the research project ’Educational Selectivity Effects of the European Social Funds’, commissioned by the Open Society Institute. Co-authors: Ágnes Kende and Anna Csongor. 2012-2013.

Case study on the introduction of integrated education in Hódmezővásárhely (’The Hódmezővásárhely Model’) for PAIRS project. Head of research / author: Ágnes Kende. Contractor: Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, 2013.

Research on gender equality in public policies in Hungary for international FP6 project RECON (Reconstituting Democracy in Europe). Contractor: ELTE University, Budapest, and Queens University, Belfast, 2009-2011.

Interview research and study on the opportunities of integration of asylum seekers through voluntary work. Contractor: Artemisszió Foundation. 2007-2008.

Research and study on the role of men in creating gender equality for the international project Genderwise. Contractor: Jól-lét Foundation. 2006-2007.

Interview research on the situation and handling of workplace mobbing in Hungary for the Daphne project Mobbing II. Contractor: MONA (Foundation for the Women of Hungary), 2005-2006.

Development of research methodology and research on the Hungarian situation for STERE/O international research project on gender stereotypes. Contractor: Jól-lét Alapítvány, 2005-2006.

Country reports on Hungary for FP5 international research project EGG (Enlargement, Gender and Governance). Contractor: Queens University, Belfast, 2003-2005.

Work in Progress

“Intricacies of Ethnicity: a comparative study of ethnic identity formation among adolescents”. Co-author: Mária Neményi, In: Júlia Szalai and Claire Schiff eds. Migrant, Roma and Post-Colonial Youths in Education Across Europe: Being ‘Visibly Different’. Palgrave Macmillan (to be published in 2014)

“Squaring the Circle: Gender democracy in Hungary” in: Yvonne Galligan ed. States of Democracy: A Gender View of Europe. Routledge (to be published in 2014)

Report on Hungary for the project ’Knowledge-based analysis and policy advice in the antidiscrimination field and the EU 2020 strategy’, commissioned by The European Commission, DG Justice (to be published in 2014)